My Favorite Climbing Partner
Joanclair Richter at the NTC Class 2- 21- 2009
Stoney Point

AMP5 May 2012
DR at Joshua Tree NP
(photo Matt Hengst)

AMP5 May 2012
Class at Joshua Tree NP
(photo Sandy Trautwein)

AMGA Single Pitch Instructor Class March 27, 2011
Joshua Tree NP

Pat McKusky
AMP5 May 2012
Class at Joshua Tree NP
(photo Sandy Trautwein)

AMP4 October 2011
Class at Joshua Tree NP
(photo Dan Richter)

Mt Mills 13,451' 8-1-04
DR with John Fischer
(photo Asher Waxman)

San Jacinto 8-1-04
DR with Asher Waxman

Little Santa Anita Canyon 6-6-04
(photo Asher Waxman)

Dan and girl scouts on Alpa Cardada

Ticino Switzerland 1951





(Photo Paul Graff)

I started climbing when I was very young in New Hampshire and later in Switzerland.  Around the age of sixteen I was tugged away by romance, ambition, and then the rigors of being a full-time mime.

In 1989 I moved to California and bought a house in Sierra Madre at the foot of Mount Wilson.  One Saturday morning I set out with my nine year old son Will and we climbed Wilson.  That day my love for climbing mountains was rekindled.

Since that day with Willie, I have climbed over 500 peaks in California, Nevada, Arizona, Utah, and Mexico.  Most of the first 100 peaks I climbed alone, but along the way I have made many friends.  I have become very active in the Sierra Club, the California Mountaineering Club, and the Southern California Mountaineering Association, The American Alpine Club, and the American Mountain Guides Association.

I have included some writeups of trips as well as columns which I wrote long ago when I was Chair of the Sierra Peaks Section and of the Desert Peaks Section of the Sierra Club.   I have also included various photos of activities of the Advanced Mountaineering Program of the Sierra Club of which I am the founder. Ther are also some pictures of the activities of the Leadership Training Committee of the Sierra Club of which was the Chair.

Journeys we start alone often lead us to a multitude of companions.

Climb on!

"Climbs with Friends"
Trip reports

"Echoes From the Chair"
(SPS Columns)

"A View from the Chair"
 (DPS Columns)
LTC Photos
Joshua Tree Workshop 1
Joshua Tree Workshop 2
Joshua Tree Workshop 3
Joshua Tree Workshop 4
Joshua Tree Workshop 5
Joshua Tree Workshop 6
Joshua Tree Workshop 7


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