Dan Richter


"The most famous unknown actor in the world" 

- Sir Arthur C. Clarke 


Dan Richter is best known as Moonwatcher the man-ape in the opening sequence of Stanley Kubrick’s “2001: A Space Odyssey” which he also choreographed.  Dan has had a long career as a mime, choreographer, actor, director, producer, memoirist, and for two decades a Hollywood executive.  His book “Moonwatcher’s Memoir” is about working on “2001.”  His memoir “The Dream is Over” describes the years he lived and worked with John Lennon and Yoko Ono from 1969 to 1973.

Dan currently lives in Sierra Madre outside of Los Angeles where he has been leading Sierra Club mountaineering trips since 1991 and teaches courses on rock climbing and mountaineering.  Dan is an AMGA Certified Single Pitch Rock Climbing Instructor.


Dan's new memoir from Quartet Books in London

                                                                (Cover by Kosh)

"I lived with John and Yoko from 1969 to 1973. I was Dan, a friend who came along for the ride, a coconspirator, attending artist, chamberlain, confidant, assistant and dope buddy; Yoko’s “American friend”. I was an insider who witnessed the break up of the Beatles, John and Yoko in love and John’s transition from being a major rock star to the hagiographic status that he holds today. I was there from the first days at Tittenhurst Park in Ascot where we recorded Imagine to political days in New York and then their retreat into that castle of an apartment house on Central Park West 'The Dakota'."


Joseph Egan's 5 star review of "The Dream is Over" on Amazon *****

If you lived through the 60s and 70s this book is a must. It'll bring back the feel and experience of those years as it makes them live again. The book's portrait of John Lennon and Yoko Ono is among of the best you're likely to read. As an insider, Richter writes unsparingly and honestly about himself and the people who Lennon and Ono were and not the celebrity Icons the world came to see them as. As for his take on his own drug addiction and what it cost him personally and creatively; that alone makes the book a must read. If you have kids or grand kids who are beginning to dabble with drugs just give them this book and I promise you that they'll be asking themselves some serious questions about where drug use and or abuse on any level might take them and whether that's a place they might want to go. In short, order this book ASAP. I assure you that you won't regret it. It makes for an an absolutely fascinating read.

Voted one the Best Books of 2012 by "The Magazine" in Santa Fe


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"Moonwatcher's Memoir" is in the form of a personal memoir which is enhanced by extensive interviews,   pictures, photographs, original materials from 2001 and a foreword by Sir Arthur C. Clarke.

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The Dream is Over

Moonwatcher's Memoir

 2001: A Space Odyssey  




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